Fame Episode

Season 2 of the TV show Fame has been released on DVD.   I worked on “Blood, Sweat, and Circuits” episode 17 of that season, producing the live special effects.  The script was written by Lee Curreri (the musician in the segment) and he loosely based the script on my live performance work with dancers. The guy at the computer is not me, but an actor on the show.  He studied me when I was working, and mimicked my mannerisms for the part. Very embarrassing.

The best part of the experience was working with Debbi Allen.  She studied tapes of my previous performances and worked with me to come up with a super condensed sequence for the TV audience in no time at all (which was the way TV series were done… fast, fast, fast).  The work was performed live and in one take, but re-staged with the dancer (Gene Anthony Ray) with the video transferred to film and optically printed onto the projection screen on stage.   They edited Fame on film at that time.

This was done in 1983.  I found the segment on YouTube…

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