I’ve had a long and satisfying consulting career, and invite new opportunities.

I worked with the Fleet Science Center in San Diego and helped create many of the exhibits in their popular “About Faces” and “Symmetries” traveling exhibits.  Atari Design Research Group enlisted me to evaluate new technologies for future products.  As a consultant to 3DTV Corp. I designed and prototyped several devices for recording and viewing 3D video that became successful products.

I develop applications in C and Forth.  I can design digital circuits using PAL’s GAL’s and Xilinx FPGA’s, embedded micros, as well as analog circuits.  My expertise is in digital image processing for fun and profit (mostly fun).

Trained as an artist with a mostly self-taught education in electronics and computer sciences, I tend to think a little  “outside the box”.  Some trained engineers have looked at my work and commented that they would have approached the project from a different direction, and would have determined that there wasn’t a solution available.

I truly enjoy hacking at problems, whether or not they are mine or other’s.  My latest work has been in perfecting my 3D photography and creating a computer controlled intervalometer  for creating timelapsed 3D.