Do-Undo allows a participant to perform movements in a space and immediately see the movements forwards and backwards.
The participant stands in a space in front of a camera and video projection system. On the screen superimposed on top of the person’s color image is the text

“Now it’s YOUR turn. Your movement will be recorded for 3 seconds”.

A ten-second count-down begins:
” Recording in — Seconds ”

After ten seconds the word “RECORDING” appears on the screen and a red arrow begins to travel across the bottom of the screen.

After three and a half seconds “RECORDING” vanishes and the arrow turns green and changes direction.

The actions that just occurred are instantly seen backwards.  The arrow reverses again after 3 seconds and so does the video. This sequence repeats twice more, and then it’s time for another recording.

The computer can detect when nobody is in front of it, and plays some prerecorded sequences until someone comes along.

“Do-Undo” in on display at the Fleet Science Center, San Diego;  Manitoba Children’s Museum, Winnipeg, Canada; and Phaeno, Wolfsburg, Germany.

Hardware Requirements:
The exhibit uses a PC, projection system or display monitor, and color camera.

Space Requirements:
12 feet X 12 feet optimally

Do-Undo in Wolfsburg, Germany

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