Carquinez Bridge

Note: Sorry but the live image days are over for now. My camera is on to better things.

Visit PhotoSynth to see my "virtual bridge" shots here. and here (Windows only I think).


Clouds Over Crockett, CA from Ed Tannenbaum on Vimeo.


640x480 avi timelapse of the first section being lowered (11.8 MB)



Caltrans South Tower Camera (not usually available)


The Lights are ON 6:40 PM, Nov 8


Here's a view of the Carquinez Bridge viewed from Crockett, California. Crockett is in Northern Ca, about 17 miles north of Berkeley and 25 miles from San Francisco on Interstate 80. It's in the northwestern most part of the "East Bay", where the Sacramento River meets San Pablo Bay...on the Carquinez Strait.

Congratulations to the thousands of American and International workers. The November 8, 2003 opening celebration and "load test" (10's of thousands unsuspecting citizens voluntarily walked out onto the untested span) was spectacular! As a Crockett resident, it was like giving birth after being in labor for three years.


A Quicktime VR from the top of the South Tower

Oh Boy, this was FUN! March 08, 2003

Looking North

Time Lapse of deck raising (Quicktime) - NEW Feb 2, 2003

March 2, 2003

Quicktime VR Mar 2, 2003


More Pictures

WebCam Grabs

3D View Oct. 6,2002 (Red-Blue glasses required)

Construction View as of 4 July, 2001 (and over 300kB)
Click for Construction view

Construction View as of 13 January, 2002

Construction View as of 24 February, 2002

Construction View as of 24 March, 2002

Construction View as of 6 Oct, 2002

Construction View as of 6 Feb, 2003

Mark Ketchum's Carquinez Strait Bridge Page

Ironworker Dick McCabe who built the bridge (with a little help) has a great website

HBG Constructors, PDF file


Rainbow Bridge


Clayton Bailey's "Sky Camera". Daily Carquinez Strait sunset pics!

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